Virginia Scrapbook Retreats

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Event details

Crop Times The 3-day events run from 10am on Friday  and continue to 4pm Sunday due to our agreement with the hotels

Seating Arrangements: Each Attendee will have their own 6x3 feet of table space. Seating arrangements are pre-arranged according to whom you have requested to sit with. Please do not make any changes but feel free to ask prior to sitting if you have a special need or request.

Electricity & Internet: If you  will be using anything electric, please bring YOUR OWN extension cords and floor tape. We will have electric available for each table throughout the crop room for easy access. Internet is available free of charge unless otherwise noted at a certain retreat.

Meals: Some of our retreats have meals provided. If you have a special diet due to health issues, or if you have a physical limitation that will need to be addressed, please tell us in advance. Please do not wait for the day of the event to announce your special diet needs. Some of the hotels we use will not allow food without purchasing their expensive meals so we opted not to charge high prices based on food minimums at the hotels.

Music: You are certainly welcome to bring a personal music box (iPod, Radio, etc.) but please be respectful to those around you and use earphones. 

Massage: We will have a massage therapist at our event offering massages to all interested.  If you are interested in a massage please remember to sign up early at the event as they fill up fast.

Temperature: Please dress in layers in case you get too hot or too cold - we all have different climate controls! A We cannot control the thermostats in the meeting rooms. We would strongly recommend a t-shirt under long sleeves or maybe a sweatshirt/sweater.   


Don't forget.. 

  • Seat cushion - The conference room chairs can get hard after a few hours of sitting & scrappin'
  • Craft light - The cropping room has overhead lighting - for detailed work you may want a little extra
  • Camera-take lots of pictures of your new friends and their layouts!
  • Cash/checkbook/credit cards to shop with our vendors and pay for your classes
  • Tag-Along or closed lid drink holder, as we suggest no open drinks on the cropping tables (no worries if you don't have one we will try to have a supply on hand to purchase if you cannot locate one.