Virginia Scrapbook Retreats

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If you, for any reason, need to cancel or wish to transfer your reservation at a Virginia or North Carolina Scrapbook Retreat, you are responsible for the communication of that cancellation/transfer, and for a cancellation fee equal to your required deposit ($50-$75 depending on retreat). Your required deposit will be kept as the cancellation fee provided there is a  45 day minimum notice PRIOR TO THE EVENT DATE for cancellation or transfer.  The date I receive the cancellation is the actual cancellation date. You will receive a reply by email from me confirming cancellation This will serve as your cancellation date. 

If you do cancel you also forfeit your thank you gift for coming (tshirt) and any other thank you gifts or prizes.

If you have won a free retreat and requested to reserve your free retreat at one of our listed retreats and something comes up that you are unable to attend, you will forfeit the free retreat that you requested to redeem it for. It cannot be reused once redeemed/claimed it cannot be changed. (We have expenses allocated for each person who registers well in advance).

If you paid in full, you may transfer the amount LESS your deposit to another weekend within one year only. No REFUNDS  will be issued whatsoever. (45 day notice prior to event date is still required)

Virginia Scrapbook Retreats reserves the right to cancel an event due to unforeseen circumstances and is not responsible for any associated cost (such as travel) incurred by the registrants.  In case of cancellation by Virginia Scrapbook Retreats, full refunds will be issued promptly less a $50 fee to cover incurred expenses. This does not apply to anyone who cannot make it due to their own unforeseen circumstances. If inclement weather is happening in your area that prevents you from attending one of our scrapbook retreats associated with Virginia Scrapbook or North Carolina Scrapbook retreats we cannot be responsible.  This does not mean "rescheduled retreats".

IF the date has to be changed due to a unforeseen situation with the hotel or city beyond my control and is rescheduled to a different date, we will not issue a refund under any circumstances beyond our control.

If the location where one of  Virginia or North Carolina Scrapbook Retreats is hosting has  inclement weather and the hotel has to cancel we will certainly arrange for a different date for the scrapbook weekend retreat. NOTE: If the hotel does not close then the retreat is still scheduled and will continue. No refunds issued or credited.

NOTE: If a unforeseen situation does occur and we cannot have the retreat on the original scheduled date we will do our best to arrange a different date and a refund will not be Issued but your retreat payment will be transferred.